The Blue Rooster

There are so many fabulous restaurants to dine in throughout the Greater Portland Region, but every once in a while you just want the easy route – take out! Not only did we find delicious food, we found more than just an average takeout lunch spot. Their menu combines specialty beef and pork hot dogs, various delectable sandwiches, and interestingly enough, tater tots and fried brussels sprouts. Yes, folks we’re talking about Dana Street’s very own, Blue Rooster Food Co.

Oh so messy... oh so good!

Oh so messy… oh so good!

It’s got to be a bit daunting when you’re taking an order for 15 people but we found that the Blue Rooster staff was very friendly and diligent about ensuring the order we called in was the order we walked out with. According to Elise, “They were awesome. Very polite, patient and super friendly.”

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Friday “Picnic” Potluck

Although dining out for Friday lunch is a time-honored and highly anticipated tradition here at Page One, the more recent tradition of the occasional potluck is no less satisfying. In fact, these in-office events have become a kind of competition where each team seeks to one-up the group before in terms of their food theme and overall deliciousness. This Friday was not a disappointment.

Outside-in... a Picnic themed potluck at Page One Web Solutions.

Outside-in… a Picnic themed potluck at Page One Web Solutions.

To celebrate the arrival of warmer weather, we decided on a “picnic” theme for lunch. The menu:
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Boone’s Fish House & Oyster Room

Finally, spring has arrived.  After one of the most mentally arduous winters in recent memory, embracing every opportunity for sunshine and warmth as soon as possible is critical.  What restaurant with outdoor seating for 15 is available before May 1 in Maine? Boone’s!  Ok fantastic let’s go to Boone’s.

Post-meal group photo (of those who hadn't already wandered off)

Post-meal group photo (of those who hadn’t already wandered off)

The jaunt down Commercial Street toward Custom House Wharf was sunny and pleasant. I thought back on my last visit to Boone’s –  when it was still simply Boone’s with gingham table cloths –  my grandfather was with me reminiscing how it was the first restaurant he had been to in Portland back in 1968.  Now it is Boone’s Fish House & Oyster Room, the newest in Harding Lee Smith’s string of “Rooms”.  Some of us came into the experience knowing of the owner and having personal opinions about how he operates, and others did not.  Generally it was not discussed, however, and I think minds were fairly open regarding our impending dining experience.
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Po’Boys & Pickles

When ordering lunch to the office, sandwiches always seem like a safe and easy call. Ah, yes, the sandwich: tired, unoriginal, repetitive. Rather than order from the same old sandwich shop, our Fearless Leader Patrick Sullivan volunteered to pick up and deliver Louisiana-style po’boys from Portland’s well-known cajun hotspot, Po’Boys & Pickles. It was already late in the afternoon by the time the bossman returned with the goods and the troops had spent nearly the entire week working up their appetites for the weekly Friday feast.

A collective "thumbs up" for Po'Boys & Pickles.

A collective “thumbs up” for Po’Boys & Pickles.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: Po’Boys & Pickles was not making salads on this fine day. Puzzling? Absolutely, especially considering the restaurant was open and salads were on the menu. Then again, if you are eating at a place called Po’Boys & Pickles and have your heart set on a salad, you’re probably teeing yourself up for disappointment anyway.
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