Buck’s Naked BBQ

Working in the Old Port there almost seems to no end to potential lunch destinations. Despite this, there are some favorites that are repeatedly suggested when the “Where do you want to go for lunch?” question is asked. Buck’s Naked BBQ on Wharf Street is one of the most common suggestions at Page One and for good reason. First, despite a couple defectors to the vegetarian way of life, the carnivorous leanings of Page One are the stuff of legends. Tales are still told of a pig roast and the copious amounts of meat consumed. Also, more importantly, Buck’s has always seemed to satisfy the minions of Page One – even those who are not meat-eaters.

Scott = happy Emmie = scared Noella = hungry

Scott = happy
Emmie = scared
Noella = hungry

Buck’s did another fine job of satiating the hunger of the Page One staff. The average scoring on food was over 4 out of 5 and feelings toward the service was also generally positive. One of the things that is enjoyable about Buck’s is that they have a table large enough to accommodate our staff. Even though it can be difficult to catch conversation throughout the entire table (and sitting in the middle made me feel like the spectator at a tennis match) it is nice to have the whole team together and makes the sharing of appetizers much easier. Although I found it hard to relinquish the delicious fried pickles. I found it very difficult to stop throwing those in my face – tasty. The team also shared brisket burnt ends, spicy/seasoned almonds and a meat and cheese board. Most of the team seemed to enjoy all the apps except for someone who was (wrongly) down on the fried pickles and another who felt sad for a pickle stack on the meat and cheese dish.

One of the things that I appreciate about Buck’s is that there is quite a bit of variety. I actually was in the mood for a salad and didn’t regret it. Very tasty and it really hit the spot. As Becky, a much more accomplished food writer than me said, “this just tasted fresh, healthy, and summery.” I certainly concur. Another Page Oneian got the brussels sprouts and hummus sandwich. “Delicious,” was his verdict.

Of course, not all of the team went for salad – there can be no denying that the meat dishes are the star at Buck’s Naked (assuming the creepy mascot is not around). And meat was well represented at the Page One lunch table. One member was seemingly partaking in a personal Man vs. Food challenge ordering burnt ends, duck confit tacos and wet jerk wings. I am not sure if he managed to finish but it wasn’t for a lack of enjoying the food. Other favorites included pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, pit chicken and mac and cheese.


I think it is safe to say that Buck’s will continue to be a Page One go-to. There is a lot of variety, a nice relaxed atmosphere, and a consistently good quality to their food. As long as the mascot isn’t around. It is always somewhat unsettling for me to see a cartoonish representation of the thing I am eating – especially when it comes in the form of pig with a dead-eyed stare.
– Scott

Fast Facts:
Most-Favorited Dish: Duck Confit Tacos, Fried Pickles
Honorable Mention: Burnt Ends
90% of Page One employees would enthusiastically return to Buck’s Naked BBQ.

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Restaurant Details:
Website: www.BucksNaked-BBQ.com
Address: 50 Wharf Street, Portland, ME 04101
Phone: 207-899-0610
Hours: Monday-Sunday – 12:00pm-11:00pm
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