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The Corner Room

At the corner of carbs and gluten-free, sits one of the cozier Room establishments: The Corner Room Italian Kitchen & Bar. Approaching its 10th anniversary, it was high time for The Corner Room to be crossed off the Page One Friday Lunch list. We graciously thank our resident comedian, Mike, for securing our 15 person

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Page One is a company full of adventurous souls with adventurous palettes, but it can’t be denied that some days there’s nothing quite like ordering in a heap-load of food to enjoy around the conference table in the comfort of your own office.  And so we found ourselves placing a takeout order from Nosh Kitchen Bar (or just Nosh, as the colloquially hip call it) located on Congress Street in the heart of Portland.  Nosh describes their menu as a twist on the “traditional culinary techniques of a New York style deli”, and in that respect they certainly deliver.

Can't talk now.

Can’t talk now. Mouth full.

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