The Front Room

As leaves donned their famed autumnal hues and a chill and distinct crispness could be felt in the air, the Page One Family made the trek up Munjoy Hill to hole-in-the-wall comfort food haven; The Front Room. Like many of our shared meals at Portland’s most noteworthy dining establishments, this one held the promise of celebrating the end of the week with hot meals, crave-worthy drinks, and of course, the ever-present comfort of a meal shared with friends.

Jeremy looks a bit apprehensive.

Jeremy looks a bit apprehensive.

Just after noon, we piled into the cozy and rustic Front Room, taking our places around a sturdy wooden table and begging our drink orders from the kind and patient wait staff. More than half of us got the day’s special, an apple cider mimosa; which was as seasonally appropriate as it was delicious. We chatted, laughed, sipped, and eagerly placed our food orders from the extensive menu of hearty, gut-warming options.

While many opted for traditional favorites like chicken pot pie, hot sandwiches, eggs benedict, or blueberry pancakes; others chose lighter fare like the beet salad or seasonal Fall vegetable soup. As our orders arrived, a true miracle occurred. The ever-chatty, laughter-gilded voices of the Page One family faded into a dull buzz of satisfied chewing.

Like a celebratory feast at a medieval castle, colorful plates covered the entire table, and bites were exchanged to sample and compare the distinct flavors of every dish. While everything was enjoyed and quickly devoured, some orders were nothing short of stellar. Most notably, the chicken pot pie had a quality that can only come from a combination of old family recipes and attention to detail. Described as a thick chicken stew atop freshly baked biscuits, this filling meal was suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

"So damned hungry!"

“So damned hungry!”

As final sips and bites were consumed, the satisfied glow of a perfect meal enrobed the Page One Family like a woolen sweater. With full bellies and the childlike pride of joining the “Clean Plate Club”, the team stumbled back into the brisk fall air, wishing there was a designated spot to nap at the office.

Like a real family, each Page One team member is different, bringing unique sets of tastes, standards, and backgrounds that contribute to our often-differing opinions of the meals we eat together. It’s rare that we agree as unanimously as we did that day at the Front Room. From the seasonal drinks, to sweet breakfast breads and hearty entrees, The Front Room had something perfect for each of us, and we look forward to returning.
– Emmie

Fast Facts:
Most-Favorited Dish: Chicken Pot Pie
Honorable Mention: Silver Dollar Blueberry Pancakes
100% of Page One employees would enthusiastically return to the Front Room.

Words Used by Our Team to Describe the Experience:

Restaurant Details:
Website: www.theFrontRoomRestaurant.com
Address: 73 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04101
Phone: 207-773-3366
Hours: Brunch: Monday-Sunday – 8:00am-2:30pm
Dinner: Monday-Saturday – 5:00pm-10:00pm
Sunday – 4:00pm-9:00pm
Bar: Monday-Sunday – 8:00am-11:00pm

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