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In The Right Setting, Nothing Beats Market Street Eats

Market Street Eats has been an Old Port staple for at least the past 10 years. I remember first discovering it after having moved here way back in 2004. Back then, I liked it because the price was right, and the food wasn’t half bad.  So when I heard we were ordering from MSE at Page One, I was happy.  Although I hadn’t been there in years, they say you never forget a good sandwich, or in this case, wrap.

Digging in.

Digging in.

Because this was a take out order, none of us had the luxury of being to consult with the friendly staff about our choices. Personally, I had forgotten what I liked about MSE, because when it came time to order our food I was like a deer in headlights. I opted for the Topanga, mostly for nostalgias sake.  When I opened it up I saw that it came exactly as described. Let me be clear, there was nothing inherently wrong with this wrap. The ingredients were decent enough, it held together well, but it was lacking in the flavor department. Nothing a bottle of Sriracha couldn’t fix.   As I looked around at everyone else’s food, I got a little jealous, but upon reading the reviews I get the overall impression that Market Street Eats is best experienced at the actual location.

Three people got the Horse Whisper and the reviews were mixed. Our fearless leader Patrick was “…left wishing I would have ordered my old standby… the Buffalo Melt.” Our Production Manager Jeremy noted that it was “not as epic as my usual choices, but still pretty darn good.” Meanwhile our Sales Rep Max, who had never eaten at MSE thought, “…it was pretty good but got a bit soggy. Nothing spectacular, just a serviceable wrap.”

So while Emmie Loved her Albacore, Eric loved his Tokyo P, and Noella loved her Sgt. Slawter, most people fell somewhere in the middle. I think Market Street Eats is just one the places that once you find what you love, you stick with it.  Because we’re not all quite there, it may take another trip or two before the office can give an overwhelmingly positive review.  The only really negative thing about it was that everyone that had the potato salad remarked at how undercooked the potatoes tasted, making it pretty much inedible.

Emmie sitting with her friends.

Emmie sitting with her friends.

Our Senior Programmer Scott summed it up perfectly by saying, “Market Street just has consistently good food and a great variety of items… the people working there are great and always pleasant.”  Go to Market Street Eats and get your food there. Once you see what is being prepared, and get a little feedback, you’ll end up with exactly what you want.
– Erich

Fast Facts:
Most-Favorited Dish: Tokyo P
Honorable Mention: Sgt. Slawter
90% of Page One employees would enthusiastically return to Market Street Eats

Words Used By Our Team to Describe the Experience:

Restaurant Details:
Address: 36 Market Street, Portland, ME
Phone: 207.773.3135
Hours: Monday – Friday 8am-3pm
Sunday – Friday 9am-3pm

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