There is nowhere better to eat in New England than Portland, Maine. Our fair city has steadily been gaining a well-deserved reputation, and with good reason. Nowhere in the region will you find a more concentrated group of highly talented chefs creating damn good food with kick-ass ingredients. Sorry, Boston, this is one area you can’t touch. Want to know why? One word: accessibility. You can go almost anywhere and feel good about being yourself. The places with a dress code aren’t worth going to. We keep it real, just like Walter’s.

Portrait of the author.

Portrait of the author.

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Page One is a company full of adventurous souls with adventurous palettes, but it can’t be denied that some days there’s nothing quite like ordering in a heap-load of food to enjoy around the conference table in the comfort of your own office.  And so we found ourselves placing a takeout order from Nosh Kitchen Bar (or just Nosh, as the colloquially hip call it) located on Congress Street in the heart of Portland.  Nosh describes their menu as a twist on the “traditional culinary techniques of a New York style deli”, and in that respect they certainly deliver.

Can't talk now.

Can’t talk now. Mouth full.

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The Front Room

As leaves donned their famed autumnal hues and a chill and distinct crispness could be felt in the air, the Page One Family made the trek up Munjoy Hill to hole-in-the-wall comfort food haven; The Front Room. Like many of our shared meals at Portland’s most noteworthy dining establishments, this one held the promise of celebrating the end of the week with hot meals, crave-worthy drinks, and of course, the ever-present comfort of a meal shared with friends.

Jeremy looks a bit apprehensive.

Jeremy looks a bit apprehensive.

Just after noon, we piled into the cozy and rustic Front Room, taking our places around a sturdy wooden table and begging our drink orders from the kind and patient wait staff. More than half of us got the day’s special, an apple cider mimosa; which was as seasonally appropriate as it was delicious. We chatted, laughed, sipped, and eagerly placed our food orders from the extensive menu of hearty, gut-warming options.
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The King’s Head

An average week here at Page One Web Solutions sees our team writing copy, brainstorming over marketing strategy and going blind from staring at lines of code. So come Friday afternoon, we don’t necessarily need a drink, but I pity the fool who would stand between us and the nearest libation. Therefore, when news spread that a British-style pub was opening a mere stone’s throw from our office on Commercial Street, obviously there was a lot of excitement. I believe Brad actually started crying.

Page One at the King's Head

So as the lunchtime hour approached, we were all pretty excited to put on our drinking shoes and head next door. Erich was seen hip-checking an elderly woman into the King Head’s exterior brick wall, though in fairness, he claims she looked at him “funny”.
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East Ender

Perhaps it was Summer-fever (or more likely the whiskey) but Elise opted to write this week’s review in Shakespearean Sonnet… (such an over-achiever).


A group of twelve, we headed east.
Ok! Eleven. But still, we traveled!
We’d heard the hype, ready to feast
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Page One “Chopped” Potluck

It was a dawn of a new age with the introduction of “CHOPPED – THE PAGE ONE POT LUCK LUNCH EDITION EXTRAVAGANZA BONANZA”. If you’re unfamiliar with “Chopped”, here’s a brief intro (stolen and abridged from wiki) “Chopped is an American reality-based cooking television series that pits four chefs against each other competing for a chance to win the glory of the universe and eternal praise.” Okay, maybe the glory of the universe is a stretch but you catch the gist. The real challenge of the whole show is the fact that the chefs are forced to cook with mystery ingredients. You’ve got that right, you have no idea what you’re cooking until your cooking – and for cooking’s sake, you’d better be ready.

Outside looking in.

Outside looking in.

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