Pom’s Thai Taste Restaurant & Noodle House

We’ve all experienced a time in our lives where we haven’t seen eye to eye when trying to agree on a place to eat with a large group. Friday December 12th, 2014 was one of those days for the Page One family. For those of us who craved something hot, spicy and exotic, the only solution was to trust our empty little tummies and stand up for the place we knew we could warm our hearts and souls on that chilly winter afternoon; that place was Pom’s Thai Taste.


Eating is a very personal experience, which is why it’s always so hard to agree on a place to eat. Everyone has their favorites, their allergies, preferences, and dislikes. I personally have always been a big fan of thai cuisine and an even bigger fan of Pom’s sister restaurant, Orchid Thai Restaurant & Bar in Falmouth, ME. This, however, was my first Pom’s Thai Taste experience. I went with my all time favorite spread, the Steamed Butterflies to start, and the famous Drunken Noodle with chicken as an entree. The steamed butterflies are steamed dumplings with a special filling of ground chicken breast sautéed with herbs, ground roasted peanuts and turnips, served with soy sauce. The Drunken Noodle consists of soft wide rice noodles sautéed with egg , peppers, onion, broccoli, carrot & basil leaves in chili-garlic sauce with a touch of dark sweet soy sauce. I loved every bite of my choice, and it seemed the others shared this sentiment.


The hottest dish of the day was the Nam Sod, a salad with minced chicken breast flavored with lime, fish sauce, chili powder, shredded ginger, red onion. and herbs. Several of the Page One marketing team ordered this dish, and all enjoyed it. Becky said it was “the perfect sweet, sour, spicy, salty combination.”, While Emmie noted that it’s the only thing she ever gets at Pom’s because it is consistently delicious and never fails to assuage her hunger without making her feel over-stuffed. Looking around the communal lunch table in the Page One conference room, it was clear to see that Pom’s was a big hit.

Pom’s Thai Taste is a flavorful and healthy take out option; a combination which can be very hard to find. Their dishes are delicious and beautifully crafted with the freshest ingredients and spices. Pom’s menu offers a wide range of appetizers, soups, thai salads, noodle dishes, thai fried rice as well as a variety of vegetarian options. Everyone that chose to order Pom’s finished everything on their plate and used complementary adjectives like “mouthwatering”, “flavorful”, “delicious”, and just plain “yum”. I can confidently speak for the whole team when I say that Pom’s Thai Taste is a Page One favorite and a place we look forward to ordering from again very soon.
– Corey

Fast Facts:
Most-Favorited Dish: Drunken Noodle
Honorable Mention: Nam Sod
All of the Page One employees who ordered from the Pom’s Thai Taste would enthusiastically return.

Words Used by Our Team to Describe the Experience:

Restaurant Details:
Website: www.ThaiTasteMaine.com
Address: 571 Congress St., Portland, ME 04101
Phone: 207-772-7999
Hours: Monday-Thursday – 11:00am-9:30pm
Friday-Saturday – 11:00am-10:00pm
Sunday – 12:00pm-9:30pm

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