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East Ender

Perhaps it was Summer-fever (or more likely the whiskey) but Elise opted to write this week’s review in Shakespearean Sonnet… (such an over-achiever).


A group of twelve, we headed east.
Ok! Eleven. But still, we traveled!
We’d heard the hype, ready to feast
But oh alas it quickly unraveled.Read More »



I’m a little shocked they are letting me write this, as I’ve gained a reputation around Page One as the resident garbage disposal. Yea, I like food. A lot of it. All of it. But though I pride myself as a connoisseur of cheeseburgers and don’t hide my disdain for the culinary snobbery of Portland, I know good food when I taste it. Even I can appreciate a pretentious menu if it showcases quality, creativity, flavor and value over the trendy gimmicks rife in this town.  I was psyched when we decided on Duckfat for our dine-in lunch this week–one look at the menu and I started drooling. But even with their legendary fries taken into consideration, the meal lacked many of the key criteria of an exemplary lunch.


Let’s get one thing straight: the fries are famous in this town for a reason. Anyone who denies that they are the best fries they’ve ever tasted is lying. I mean they are cooked in duck fat. Absolutely superlative. The generous portion comes in a cute paper cone that keeps them hot and crisp, and as they are cooked in duck fat, they have a decadent flavor that sets them apart.

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