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The Front Room

As leaves donned their famed autumnal hues and a chill and distinct crispness could be felt in the air, the Page One Family made the trek up Munjoy Hill to hole-in-the-wall comfort food haven; The Front Room. Like many of our shared meals at Portland’s most noteworthy dining establishments, this one held the promise of celebrating the end of the week with hot meals, crave-worthy drinks, and of course, the ever-present comfort of a meal shared with friends.

Jeremy looks a bit apprehensive.

Jeremy looks a bit apprehensive.

Just after noon, we piled into the cozy and rustic Front Room, taking our places around a sturdy wooden table and begging our drink orders from the kind and patient wait staff. More than half of us got the day’s special, an apple cider mimosa; which was as seasonally appropriate as it was delicious. We chatted, laughed, sipped, and eagerly placed our food orders from the extensive menu of hearty, gut-warming options.
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