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Sonny’s Bar and Lounge

I’d heard rumors. Whispers mostly. Fading like a wisp of smoke in the “almost heat” of Portland’s “nearly Summer”. This week’s Page One Friday Lunch was to be held at Sonny’s.

Sonny’s has the reputation of serving stiff drinks to a varied clientele of hipsters, yuppies and vacationers alike; all with the common goal of catching a buzz… fast.


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There is nowhere better to eat in New England than Portland, Maine. Our fair city has steadily been gaining a well-deserved reputation, and with good reason. Nowhere in the region will you find a more concentrated group of highly talented chefs creating damn good food with kick-ass ingredients. Sorry, Boston, this is one area you can’t touch. Want to know why? One word: accessibility. You can go almost anywhere and feel good about being yourself. The places with a dress code aren’t worth going to. We keep it real, just like Walter’s.

Portrait of the author.

Portrait of the author.

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