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Empire Chinese Kitchen

November was in full swing, the days had become shorter, the nights colder and the Page One bellies had grown restless. The vote had come down, Empire, Portland’s finest Dim-Sum style restaurant would have to put up with eighteen extremely hungry workers. With coats adorned and our laces tied, we were off to 575 Congress St. Portland, ME. The aroma of dim-sum was in the air, our hungry group was ready for cocktails and sustenance.

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Page One “Chopped” Potluck

It was a dawn of a new age with the introduction of “CHOPPED – THE PAGE ONE POT LUCK LUNCH EDITION EXTRAVAGANZA BONANZA”. If you’re unfamiliar with “Chopped”, here’s a brief intro (stolen and abridged from wiki) “Chopped is an American reality-based cooking television series that pits four chefs against each other competing for a chance to win the glory of the universe and eternal praise.” Okay, maybe the glory of the universe is a stretch but you catch the gist. The real challenge of the whole show is the fact that the chefs are forced to cook with mystery ingredients. You’ve got that right, you have no idea what you’re cooking until your cooking – and for cooking’s sake, you’d better be ready.

Outside looking in.

Outside looking in.

Alas, with the help of our Page One matriarch Elise and Google Drive, the Page One Chopped Edition was born. Read More »


El Rayo Taqueria

It was a dark and stormy night. I’d taken a creative writing class.

That’s when she walked into my life. Beautiful. Zesty. Deadly.
Her name was, El Rayo Taqueria.

Don't touch Emmie's food.

Don’t touch Emmie’s food.

I hung up my coat and ordered a stiff drink. Made of bee pollen, agave nectar, citrus juice, el Jimador Silver Tequila & Triple Sec, the Anti Venom promised to take the edge of a particularly stressful workweek. I sat down to take in the scene. The tables covered in plastic mariachi print were clean… maybe too clean. The chips were still warm and the guacamole decadent. The waitress came at me with a smile that could melt the ice in my heart.
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