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There is nowhere better to eat in New England than Portland, Maine. Our fair city has steadily been gaining a well-deserved reputation, and with good reason. Nowhere in the region will you find a more concentrated group of highly talented chefs creating damn good food with kick-ass ingredients. Sorry, Boston, this is one area you can’t touch. Want to know why? One word: accessibility. You can go almost anywhere and feel good about being yourself. The places with a dress code aren’t worth going to. We keep it real, just like Walter’s.

Portrait of the author.

Portrait of the author.

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Market Street Eats

In The Right Setting, Nothing Beats Market Street Eats

Market Street Eats has been an Old Port staple for at least the past 10 years. I remember first discovering it after having moved here way back in 2004. Back then, I liked it because the price was right, and the food wasn’t half bad.  So when I heard we were ordering from MSE at Page One, I was happy.  Although I hadn’t been there in years, they say you never forget a good sandwich, or in this case, wrap.

Digging in.

Digging in.

Because this was a take out order, none of us had the luxury of being to consult with the friendly staff about our choices. Personally, I had forgotten what I liked about MSE, because when it came time to order our food I was like a deer in headlights. I opted for the Topanga, mostly for nostalgias sake. Read More »