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Buck’s Naked BBQ

Working in the Old Port there almost seems to no end to potential lunch destinations. Despite this, there are some favorites that are repeatedly suggested when the “Where do you want to go for lunch?” question is asked. Buck’s Naked BBQ on Wharf Street is one of the most common suggestions at Page One and for good reason. First, despite a couple defectors to the vegetarian way of life, the carnivorous leanings of Page One are the stuff of legends. Tales are still told of a pig roast and the copious amounts of meat consumed. Also, more importantly, Buck’s has always seemed to satisfy the minions of Page One – even those who are not meat-eaters.

Scott = happy Emmie = scared Noella = hungry

Scott = happy
Emmie = scared
Noella = hungry

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Po’Boys & Pickles

When ordering lunch to the office, sandwiches always seem like a safe and easy call. Ah, yes, the sandwich: tired, unoriginal, repetitive. Rather than order from the same old sandwich shop, our Fearless Leader Patrick Sullivan volunteered to pick up and deliver Louisiana-style po’boys from Portland’s well-known cajun hotspot, Po’Boys & Pickles. It was already late in the afternoon by the time the bossman returned with the goods and the troops had spent nearly the entire week working up their appetites for the weekly Friday feast.

A collective "thumbs up" for Po'Boys & Pickles.

A collective “thumbs up” for Po’Boys & Pickles.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: Po’Boys & Pickles was not making salads on this fine day. Puzzling? Absolutely, especially considering the restaurant was open and salads were on the menu. Then again, if you are eating at a place called Po’Boys & Pickles and have your heart set on a salad, you’re probably teeing yourself up for disappointment anyway.
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