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Rí Rá

Despite being typecast as the restaurant reviewer who only reviews restaurants starting with ‘R’, like Perd Hapley’s reporter characters, I jumped at the opportunity to give my opinion of a venerable Old Port fixture. Some say this pub was brought over, brick by brick, from a long-lost county in Ireland in the wheel wells of Aer Lingus jets. All we know is, it’s called Ri Ra.

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It was a cool November day in Maine. Actually, no. I cannot deny the climate’s warmth on that sunny Friday. As usual, our party was in seemingly high spirits for our company outing to Ri Ra Irish Pub. There was a dark cloud, though, and everyone had a feeling in the pits of our stomachs that nothing would be the same after that day. While it was a day of revelry, it was also a day of mourning at Page One. For Shamus, master of both graphics and designs, was leaving us to catch the wave of the future: print media.
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The King’s Head

An average week here at Page One Web Solutions sees our team writing copy, brainstorming over marketing strategy and going blind from staring at lines of code. So come Friday afternoon, we don’t necessarily need a drink, but I pity the fool who would stand between us and the nearest libation. Therefore, when news spread that a British-style pub was opening a mere stone’s throw from our office on Commercial Street, obviously there was a lot of excitement. I believe Brad actually started crying.

Page One at the King's Head

So as the lunchtime hour approached, we were all pretty excited to put on our drinking shoes and head next door. Erich was seen hip-checking an elderly woman into the King Head’s exterior brick wall, though in fairness, he claims she looked at him “funny”.
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