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Central Provisions

What can possibly be said about Portland’s hottest new dining destination that hasn’t already been said in the likes of the Press Herald and Eater Maine? That’s the challenge I find myself dealing with since being tasked with this week’s review of Central Provisions, the latest and greatest addition to the vibrant Portland dining scene. Lucky for me, I’ve got a fantastic batch of input from our P1WS crew to help me try to articulate exactly what it’s like having a Central Provisions experience – and I stress the term experience -as it’s a pretty mind-blowing one to say the least.


I suppose my resume qualified me as the obvious choice to review this new hot-spot, being that I have made this place like my second home in town; normally stopping in at least once (usually twice) per week to enjoy one of the restaurants constantly changing tapas-style small plates paired with a cold draft of the area’s most critically acclaimed new microbrew: Bissell Brothers Substance Ale.  More about the drinks later, but first let’s discuss the hands-down MVP of the Central Provisions team – THE FOOD.
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