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With the plethora of tastetastic culinary offerings scattered all over Portland and new restaurants popping up almost weekly, it should come to no surprise that we take our Friday lunch game pretty seriously here at Page One; and this week was no exception. Feeling adventurous and with the weekend itch upon us, we threw caution to the wind and ordered takeout from a brandy new joint right off of Congress known as Dutch’s.

The author with her mouth full.

The author with her mouth full.

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Page One is a company full of adventurous souls with adventurous palettes, but it can’t be denied that some days there’s nothing quite like ordering in a heap-load of food to enjoy around the conference table in the comfort of your own office.  And so we found ourselves placing a takeout order from Nosh Kitchen Bar (or just Nosh, as the colloquially hip call it) located on Congress Street in the heart of Portland.  Nosh describes their menu as a twist on the “traditional culinary techniques of a New York style deli”, and in that respect they certainly deliver.

Can't talk now.

Can’t talk now. Mouth full.

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The (In) Glorious, Wondrous, Magnificent Sandwich of Page One Friday Potluck

sand-wich: two pieces of bread with something (such as meat, peanut butter, etc.) between them.

The humble sandwich has found its way into the hearts and minds of foodies from all walks of life. The word sandwich derives its name and takes homage from the dignified, yet not so regal British statesman, the Earl of Sandwich. The Earl you see, was a practical, just man; immune to the temptations of gluttony and sin, though his Achilles heel could be found at the card table. As a hardened gambler, the Earl would spend hours placing bets and laying odds, often forgoing meals. During one particularly arduous round of play, in the year of 1725, the Earl requested some meat between two pieces of bread. His opponents at the table took note and preceded to order “the same as Sandwich”. And there the glorious yet often under-appreciated sandwich found its name and made its mark as the true meal of convenience and ease.

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Central Provisions

What can possibly be said about Portland’s hottest new dining destination that hasn’t already been said in the likes of the Press Herald and Eater Maine? That’s the challenge I find myself dealing with since being tasked with this week’s review of Central Provisions, the latest and greatest addition to the vibrant Portland dining scene. Lucky for me, I’ve got a fantastic batch of input from our P1WS crew to help me try to articulate exactly what it’s like having a Central Provisions experience – and I stress the term experience -as it’s a pretty mind-blowing one to say the least.


I suppose my resume qualified me as the obvious choice to review this new hot-spot, being that I have made this place like my second home in town; normally stopping in at least once (usually twice) per week to enjoy one of the restaurants constantly changing tapas-style small plates paired with a cold draft of the area’s most critically acclaimed new microbrew: Bissell Brothers Substance Ale.  More about the drinks later, but first let’s discuss the hands-down MVP of the Central Provisions team – THE FOOD.
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Po’Boys & Pickles

When ordering lunch to the office, sandwiches always seem like a safe and easy call. Ah, yes, the sandwich: tired, unoriginal, repetitive. Rather than order from the same old sandwich shop, our Fearless Leader Patrick Sullivan volunteered to pick up and deliver Louisiana-style po’boys from Portland’s well-known cajun hotspot, Po’Boys & Pickles. It was already late in the afternoon by the time the bossman returned with the goods and the troops had spent nearly the entire week working up their appetites for the weekly Friday feast.

A collective "thumbs up" for Po'Boys & Pickles.

A collective “thumbs up” for Po’Boys & Pickles.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: Po’Boys & Pickles was not making salads on this fine day. Puzzling? Absolutely, especially considering the restaurant was open and salads were on the menu. Then again, if you are eating at a place called Po’Boys & Pickles and have your heart set on a salad, you’re probably teeing yourself up for disappointment anyway.
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