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For many of the hungry folks here at Page One, the novelty of Sapporo (the sushi place right next door) has begun to fade. As resident newbie, I was oblivious to this. In fact, I had never tried Sapporo. All I knew is that they served sushi, and I love sushi. Elise, being the kind soul that she is, put the sushi bug in everyone’s ear and utilized her hyper-accurate ordering skills to ensure that everyone ended up with exactly what they wanted.

House Salad.

House Salad.

As everyone gathered in the conference room, the smell of miso soup filled the air. Jeremy began presenting his lunch-and-learn slideshow about WordPress widgets and plug-ins, and we all dug in to the colorful array of Japanese foods. The most popular item ordered was the bento box; a veritable treasure chest of many different preparations of fish, vegetables and meat, all bathed in flavorful sauces. Those who ordered the bento box described it as “bountiful”, with resounding exclamations such as “nom” and “yessir”. For only $10 this box seems like the best value on the menu, considering the portion size and variety.
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