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Sonny’s Bar and Lounge

I’d heard rumors. Whispers mostly. Fading like a wisp of smoke in the “almost heat” of Portland’s “nearly Summer”. This week’s Page One Friday Lunch was to be held at Sonny’s.

Sonny’s has the reputation of serving stiff drinks to a varied clientele of hipsters, yuppies and vacationers alike; all with the common goal of catching a buzz… fast.


If I happen to paint a picture of the staff at Page One as a group of drunkard miscreants, it’s only because we fit the stereotype exactly.Read More »


Dogfish Bar and Grille

I looked good. Though my wallet was $20 lighter, the glances I was garnering from both sexes as I walked down the street was proof positive that this haircut was money well spent. As I headed towards the Dogfish Bar and Grille (the most recent choice for Page One’s Friday Lunch), I had the distinct impression that I was emitting one-third James Dean cool, one-third James Brown funk and 33.3% Elvis Presley swagger. In short, I looked good.


I tried to imagine the collective gasps from my peers as I entered the dimly-lit bar and they laid eyes on me for the first time. How would they react? Read More »


Friday “Homestyle” Potluck

Come on in and shake off the cold. There’s a space right here by the fire. I haven’t seen a day like this since… well, since the day of Page One’s Home-style Potluck  Friday.  What’s that? You’ve never heard of… well, just sit right back and I’ll tell you all about it.

Soul food and "Funny or Die"

Soul food and “Funny or Die”

It was a day just like today. It had been a long and arduous winter and Portland had been hammered with snowstorm after snowstorm. Page One Web Solutions, whose weekly Friday lunches had already become fodder for gossipmongers, the envy of their rivals and the stuff of legends, had decided to do a once a month Friday Potluck. Each employee would be tasked with cooking one course in a huge meal that would be enough to feed the hungry masses.  Dave made his signature jerk chicken. Eric presented a Parmesan kale salad. Becky brought in her homemade coleslaw. Max unveiled his bacon-infused collard greens. Lauren shared her oven roasted potatoes and deliciously moist corn bread, and Patrick Robinson presented the finest can of organic baked beans one could find in all of Whole Foods.
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