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Elevation Burger: Take 2

Long-time readers of this blog might remember my less-than-enthusiastic review last year of Elevation Burger’s then-new location on Commercial St. in the Old Port. If it had been up to me, I probably would have never gone back; however, it seems that the Fates had other plans for me.


The disturbances started last summer. Pat would stagger into the office in a daze, a man possessed, muttering things about a burger of legend. Strange things whispered in a choked tone of quiet reverence that made no sense. An impossible culinary combination of land and sea, meats of claw and hoof sitting side by side within a single bun. The sandwich of kings, the lunch by which empires rose and fell. Read More »


Elevation Burger

I was saddened when I heard of the closing of The Farmer’s Table, as their special BBQ pulled pork sandwich with bacon and pork belly topped with garlic jack cheese was truly something special, and their French onion soup was one of the best in town. I was equally skeptical of the announcement that another Elevation Burger location would be taking its place. The Old Port had already suffered the encroachment of other chain establishments in recent times such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts– did we really need another franchise?


However, my doubt was tempered by the fact that among some of my friends, Elevation Burger is their favorite source for local hot, beefy goodness. And by that, I mean burgers. Based on their recommendations, and in the spirit of always being open to new things, I decided to give EB the benefit of the doubt.
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