Our third lunch adventure of 2017 was a trip to Terlingua, a newer place that has popped up on Washington Ave. during that area’s continued re-development/gentrification. Despite the fancy name and rustic sign, however, we discovered it to be a simple, no-nonsense spot with Southwestern and Mexican-inspired BBQ selections.

Basic picnic tables greeted us when we entered the small space, and we sat across from the bar and whetted our whistles with some cuisine-appropriate drink selections such as sangria and margaritas. Appetizers included deviled eggs and various kinds of chili in small cups. My green chili was full of flavor– I found myself wishing I could have gotten a large bowl of it.

The menu was fairly small, with several main offerings of smoked meats prepared in various ways. My BBQ pork shoulder sandwich looked unassuming enough, but under the bun the meat was cooked to perfection and seasoned well with some slaw on top of it. The traditional Frito pie lived up to its name, served as it was in a corn chip bag– a fun treat– and the BBQ beef brisket sandwich was packed full of pickled onions, beans, and farmer’s cheese.

We would certainly recommend Terlinga to anyone looking for Mexican-inspired sandwiches and sides for a nice, unadorned lunch experience. Get there early, as the custom-smoked meats tend to run out as the day goes on.

Note: In the time since this review was written, one of our favorite Mexican-fusion lunch spots– Zapoteca– has sadly closed its doors. In the void left by its extremely impressive menu offerings, places like Terlingua will help take the edge off in the form of comforting, zesty fare.

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