The Blue Rooster

There are so many fabulous restaurants to dine in throughout the Greater Portland Region, but every once in a while you just want the easy route – take out! Not only did we find delicious food, we found more than just an average takeout lunch spot. Their menu combines specialty beef and pork hot dogs, various delectable sandwiches, and interestingly enough, tater tots and fried brussels sprouts. Yes, folks we’re talking about Dana Street’s very own, Blue Rooster Food Co.

Oh so messy... oh so good!

Oh so messy… oh so good!

It’s got to be a bit daunting when you’re taking an order for 15 people but we found that the Blue Rooster staff was very friendly and diligent about ensuring the order we called in was the order we walked out with. According to Elise, “They were awesome. Very polite, patient and super friendly.”

Our food arrived and we’re were all so excited with mouths watering as the smell of hot dogs, slaw, and crispy tater tots filled our office. Here are some of the highlights of this Friday take out meal, some low points as well as some ordering tips.

Blue Rooster Highlights

  • Even though some items we ordered, like the tater tots and brussels sprouts, came out soggy (see “Low Points) the food still maintained a great overall flavor. Our reviewers used terms like “absolutely divine” and “goldmine of flavor” and these sentiments should not be taken lightly.
  • Fancy, scrumptious sauces for dipping the tots
  • The Three Little Pigs Tater Tots were a huge hit – crispy tots, bathed in savory gravy, smoky bacon, and cheesy cheese curds. In the words of a reviewer, “Porktastic.”
  • The Cuckoos Nest sandwich was described by those that ordered it as being very delish. It’s your basic chicken salad but enhanced with a light dijon au jus, fennel, tarragon, almonds to give a crunchy texture, greens and some pickled red onions on moist samoon flatbread.

Blue Rooster Low Points

  • The tater tots fell victim to the “Take Out Sog Monster” which was probably due to the size of the order and travel time. This is truly unfortunate, as we have ordered smaller orders before and had no problem, in fact this is normally a favorite item on the menu of many of our staff.
  • In comparison to many of the other sandwiches that were ordered, those that ordered the Schooner Tuna sandwich felt it was a bit lackluster.

Blue Rooster Ordering Tips

  • First timers, don’t order the Schooner Tuna sandwich, try something else first.
  • If you’re ravenous you should order the Rooster Blue sandwich. According to our reviewers it was tasty but also made with the world’s largest chicken thighs, crispy fried, between a “big ass” roll, with crunchy cabbage slaw, blue cheese, and pretty darn tasty.
  • You know those yummy crispy chips they used to have? Yeah, they don’t have them anymore. Sad face!
  • If you’re gluten free or have a gluten sensitivity, this probably isn’t the restaurant for you.
Tots, tots and more tots.

Tots, tots and more tots.

What Blue Rooster lacked in keeping their tots and brussels sprouts crispy through the take out transit, they made up for by delivering flavorful, fun food and being super friendly while doing it. This is definitely an office favorite, in the words of The Terminator, “I’ll be back,” or, in this case, we’ll be back.
– Jenika

Fast Facts:
Most-Favorited Dish: Cuckoos Nest Sandwich
Honorable Mention: Three Little Pigs Tater Tots
About 4/5 of Page One employees would enthusiastically return to The Blue Rooster

Words Used By Our Team to Describe the Experience:

Restaurant Details:
Address: 5 Dana Street, Portland, ME
Phone: 207.747.4157
Hours: Sunday – Wednesday – 11am-6pm
Thursday – Saturday – 11am-2am

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