The Green Elephant

Our First Review: The Green Elephant

Hello. Welcome to Page One Web Solutions’ restaurant and lunch review website. Sure, we are a web development, marketing, and SEO company, but our team is comprised of serious foodies, beer/cider/wine enthusiasts, and bourbon fanatics. Every Friday, we venture out into Portland, Maine’s expanse of exceptional eateries, cafes, food trucks, dives, bistros, shacks, and so much more. This small city nestled on the Atlantic coastline has an abundance of diversely delectable offerings that can be enjoyed any time of day. Hey, I know what you’re thinking– “wow, these Portlanders really like their food, maybe too much – ehm, gluttons!” – and I say to you, we have really long winters, okay!

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

At Page One, we have been upholding this lunch tradition for over 6 years, and since the city has so much to offer we thought it might be time to share it. Our first review begins in a cozy bistro located in the heart Congress Street’s Arts District, the Green Elephant. This Asian-inspired vegetarian bistro has a tranquil atmosphere and cordial staff. The restaurant does not take reservations– and we have 15 people on our team–so let’s just say, they were extremely accommodating to our party’s needs in such a small space.

First impressions – flavor! The fresh flavors of the food imbued the perfect balance of spicy, sweet, sour, and salty. The first round of savory nibbles and authentic beverages came out to the table and were accepted with sheer delight. As quite of few of us ordered the Green Elephant house tea, infused with lemongrass, jasmine, and more soothing flavors, we definitely recommend it if you are looking for a non-alcoholic option (they do have an extensive beer and wine list too!). The top choice for appetizers was, hands down, the tamari seasoned brussels sprouts. I know, right, you might not think brussels sprouts are anything special, but these ones sure are. Fried perfectly and doused in a salty glaze of perfection–many of us said we would go back and solely eat an entire serving of brussels sprouts for lunch.

We ordered a range of entrees ranging from soups, to noodles, curries to stir fries. There were a few orders of the pineapple brown rice and as Shamus put it, “each bite seemed perfect. I just wish I could have stopped eating so I could have taken more of it home with me”. Lauren, not usually a huge fan of hot and sour soups, went for the Green Elephant’s interpretation, and proclaimed its broth “delicious” as well as the glass noodles and abundance of vegetables fulfilling. Scott, who consistently orders the peanut curry upon his visits to the Green Elephant, mentioned the constancy of deliciousness and flavor every time.

Becky, Lauren & Sarah

Becky, Lauren & Sarah

Some of us ventured to try the faux-meats, which can always bring a bit of hesitation. As you can probably tell thus far, that even the vegetarian soy nuggets, still brought down the house with flavor. The service was prompt and friendly. The atmosphere warm and peaceful. The perfect place to sit with friends, chat, laugh, and share some incredibly prepared food. In conclusion, do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone or try something new (like an Asian vegetarian bistro) because you might just be pleasantly surprised.

The unanimous consensus was that “Hell’s Yes!” we would all go back. Needless to say, the many Page One carnivores did not miss the meat, and the vegetarians were relieved to finally choose whatever they desired from the menu!

Until next time, cheers!

– Becky

Most-Favored Dish: Brussels Sprouts (appetizer)
Honorable Mention: Pineapple Brown Rice

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Restaurant Details:
Website: www.GreenElephantMaine.com
Address: 608 Congress St. Portland, Maine
Phone: 207-347-3111
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday – Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm | Dinner 5pm-9:30pm
Sunday Dinner 5pm-9pm

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