The King’s Head

An average week here at Page One Web Solutions sees our team writing copy, brainstorming over marketing strategy and going blind from staring at lines of code. So come Friday afternoon, we don’t necessarily need a drink, but I pity the fool who would stand between us and the nearest libation. Therefore, when news spread that a British-style pub was opening a mere stone’s throw from our office on Commercial Street, obviously there was a lot of excitement. I believe Brad actually started crying.

Page One at the King's Head

So as the lunchtime hour approached, we were all pretty excited to put on our drinking shoes and head next door. Erich was seen hip-checking an elderly woman into the King Head’s exterior brick wall, though in fairness, he claims she looked at him “funny”.

Entering the front door, the bar’s atmosphere was warm and cozy. We sat ourselves in the small dining room off to the side where the large floor-to-ceiling windows offer a perfect vantage point for people watching. My mind wandered away from the warm August afternoon and I pictured how great it would be to be sitting in front of those same windows come December, with a Jameson in hand watching the snow falling outside. Just then Jeremy slapped me squarely across the face as a stinging reminder that we aren’t quite done with Summer yet.

Our waiter was also the owner and he apologized for being down a server and a man short in the kitchen. We looked over the drink menu and were really happy with what we saw. Bissell Brothers’ Substance IPA and a slew of other craft beers… 29 in total! However the mixed drinks weren’t met with as much fanfare. Margaritas were served in a wine glass and the mojito was deemed “mediocre”. Koren said she had received larger drinks at an Oompa Loompa convention (though that may have been sarcasm). We got two orders of Maple Bacon Popcorn for the table to share, which seemed to placate those who had finished their cocktails in three sips or less.


Luckily the beers were flowing freely as our food took forever to come out. The owner was very attentive and took two meals off of the check. When our food did arrive, the fish sandwich was met with a chorus of cheers while Sully’s pulled pork sandwich was eyed enviously – which made him pull his plate just a little bit closer to the chest. It was unanimously agreed upon that a true English pub should serve fish and chips all day – and not just for dinner as at the King’s Head.

I got the beet salad (which was way over-dressed) and the falafel (which was way under-seasoned). I would attribute both of these criticisms as the growing pains of a newly-opened restaurant. I’m sure the King’s Head will work out the kinks as they grow. I’m giving them until the snow flies to get it sorted.
– Shamus

Fast Facts:
Most-Favorited Dish: Fried Haddock Sandwich
Honorable Mention: Pulled Pork Sandwich
80% of Page One employees would enthusiastically return to the King’s Head.

Words Used by Our Team to Describe the Experience:

Restaurant Details:
Website: www.theKingsHeadPortland.com
Address: 254 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101
Phone: 207-805-1252
Hours: Monday-Sunday – 11:30am-“late”
Call for Reservations

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